My Favorite! The Backyardigans Party Tips!

I have to admit it, I love The Backyardigans. I really really do. Their messages are simple and not tarnished with adult humor, and make for awesomely fun parties! As the theme of the show is all about using your imagination, you really can’t go wrong! We celebrated Backyardigan style 2 years ago, for my daughters 5th birthday party. Total success! Tons o’ fun!

We purchased one CD for some background music, but it totally ended up being the highlight of the party. As the kids started singing the songs, (“Ridin’ the Range!”) the stereo just got cranked up louder and louder. Even kids who had never watched the Backyardigans learned the tunes and sang along. Even a few dads joined in the fun! In addition, we planned a mini-scavenger hunt. We didn’t need to put up a lot of decorations, thank goodness! The beautiful cake (thank you was a stunning centerpiece! But,more than anything, the kids had a total blast.

How to Plan a Backyardigans Theme Party

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Princess and the Frog Party Planning Tips

And our first favorite party page?  It’s a page we ran across for learning how to plan a Princess and the Frog party!  And perfect timing too!  The film recently came out on DVD, and my girls just love it!  We have a birthday coming up in June, and I think this would be perfect for the celebration.

How to Plan a Princess and the Frog Theme Party

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The page above mentions all kinds of food, games and decorations.  But most of all, it gives tips on how to plan the party on the cheaper side of life.  Ahhh..  What a breath of fresh air!  And it says that gumbo is perfect to serve.  Does it get any better!  Gumbo and Disney all mixed up into one party?  Wonder if the kids will let me make a crawfish etouffee instead.  Nahh… Save that one for the adults!

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