Planning an Easter Party

Well, it that time of year and you may need some Easter Party Planning Tips.  Let’s hope it’s a day of glorious weather and fun with family and friends.

How to Plan an Easter Party

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You may need a recipe for Hollandaise Sauce.  I think it goes great with my favorite Easter brunch menu:  Eggs Benedict, fresh steamed asparagus, and a Mimosa!

Are you planning an Easter Egg Hunt?  When my son was very small, I always hid green grapes in the colorful hollow plastic eggs.  I just thought it wasn’t good for a toddler to eat all that candy.  Two year olds on a sugar binge can really ruin the day.  Besides, he loved green grapes so I don’t think he ever held it against me.  He’s 18 now.  I should ask him sometime.

All the other kids knew that the purple plastic eggs were for him – the Easter Bunny said so!!  I did ask him if he remembered that his eggs had grapes.  He says he doesn’t recall.  I’m safe!


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